Starters & Alternators

Light Vehicle Starter

  • Optimized clutch design and drive material
  • High/low temperature bearing, grease for extreme environmental resistance

Commercial Vehicle Starter

  • Integrated Over Crank Protection (IOCP) for long life thermal protection
  • Nose and noseless housings allow application flexibility for strength and environmental resistance


The alternator product portfolio delivers optimal power density and performance. Electrical loads on vehicles continue to increase. Whether it be a passenger car, long haul truck or backhoe, there is an alternator model suited to meet the unique demands of the vehicle.

Light Vehicle Alternator

  • Remote sense voltage and temperature sensors for better efficiency, battery life and load balancing
  • Six-phase stator winding offers reduced noise and improved driver comfort

Commercial Vehicle Alternator

  • Brushless design has a stationary field winding and no slip rings or brushes to wear out,  providing longlasting durability
  • The patented stator winding maximizes slot fill for improved performance and efficiency

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