Fuel Injection Systems

We have a strong heritage of fuel injection systems expertise and helping OEMs to continually deliver improvements in fuel economy, emissions and engine performance.

Our latest generations of OE gasoline and diesel fuel injection technology are designed to meet the world’s most stringent emissions standards for passenger car and commercial on and off highway applications.

GDi Injection System 1GDi Solutions

Diesel Injection System 1Diesel Solutions

Gasoline Direct Injection (GDi)

Demand for gasoline direct injection (GDi) technology is continuing to grow and as one of the world's leading suppliers and developers of GDi fuel injection systems we are perfectly positioned to help our customers take advantage of this exciting opportunity.

Having been first to market with 350 bar GDi, we have now developed a high efficiency 500+ bar solution which is designed to minimize load on the engine valvetrain whilst delivering class leading performance.

GDi Injectors

GDi Injection System 2

500+ Bar Injector


Our range of high pressure fuel injectors provide best in class performance at 500+ bar pressure.

Continuity in design across our range allows a direct drop in replacement for customers looking to upgrade their operations from lower pressures.

Features / Benefits

  • Inwardly-opening injector with multiple laser drilled flow holes for flexible spray pattern and penetration control
  • 500+ bar system operating pressure for improved spray and faster injection time
  • Benchmark level low noise performance
  • 6 mm and 7.5 mm tip sizes

GDi Rails

GDi Injection System 3


Our GDi rails utilize the best design and manufacturing practices to store fuel at high pressure ready for injection. Our experienced engineering team is highly skilled in optimizing the design of the rail to ensure minimal fluctuations in pressure between individual injections, which is crucial in optimizing engine performance.

Features / Benefits

  • One piece forged stainless steel fuel rail
  • High crashworthiness due to single piece construction
  • Capable of infinite life fatigue resistance at 600 bar operating pressure
  • Design optimization for low noise, low stress and low cost
  • Available as a separate component or as an assembly with injectors pre-installed

GDi Pumps

GDi pump


Our range of high pressure fuel pumps provide best in class performance at pressures over 500 bar. Our unique plunger ring seal technology significantly improves pump efficiency, allowing our customers to upgrade their engines to 500+ bar pressure without increasing the load on the valvetrain. This helps avoid costly engine redesigns whilst continuity in design across the range allows them to be a direct drop in replacement for customers looking to upgrade their engines.

Features / Benefits

  • Up to 600 bar pressure continuous operation
  • Includes unique Plunger Ring Seal feature to improve efficiency and reduce stress on the valvetrain
  • Direct drop in replacement for existing GFP2 pump
  • Variable plunger diameters available to optimize performance and minimize cam loads; 6mm, 7mm, 8mm, 9mm

Diesel Fuel Injection

We have a wide range of diesel technology solutions designed to suit different emissions standards and engine architectures.

Our latest generation F3 system builds on our proven Euro VI F2 Common Rail technology to deliver class leading performance. F3 is capable of 3,000 bar injection pressure and delivers a substantial improvement in emissions, fuel economy and refinement for the lifetime of the engine.

Fuel Injectors

Diesel Injection System 2

DF and F3 family


Our fuel injectors deliver precise and consistent fuel quantity, multiple times per firing cycle at up to 3,000 bar pressure. The F3 injectors can be specified with our unique close loop header technology which provides feedback to the ECU on injector activity for enhanced on board diagnostics without the need for additional wiring. The closed loop header also contains trim code data which it can send to the ECU, avoiding manual input operations on installation and reducing the risk of tampering.

Features / Benefits

  • Beyond 1.6 million km lifetime
  • High efficiency Ø1mm valve technology
  • Up to 9 injection events per cycle
  • Less than 0.2ms injection separation
  • Available with closed loop header technology

Fuel Rails

High Pressure Diesel RailDFR 8 & 9 range


Our common rail systems deliver high pressure solutions to meet the demands of light, medium or heavy duty applications.

These include both fabricated and forged rails, with options for a range of high pressure sensors and relief valves.

Features / Benefits

  • Flexible design suitable for complex engine configurations
  • Optimized for lowest weight and maximum volume
  • Multiple options for rail pressure sensors and HPV

Fuel Pumps

Diesel Injection System - Fuel pumpsCV range


Our advanced commercial vehicle fuel pump technologies provide a flexible, robust high pressure pumping solution for on- and off- highway commercial vehicles applications.

The modular single, double or triple plunger architecture allows for a common high pressure pump technology to be applied to high performance medium and heavy duty applications.

We also have a range of pumping solutions for Light and Medium Duty common rail applications.

Features / Benefits

  • High efficiency plunger technology
  • High Durability - Up to 1.6 million km lifetime
  • Integrated transfer pump options
  • Oil and Fuel lubricated options

Alternative Fuels

We have a wide range of products available for alternative fuel sources such as Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) and Compressed Natural Gas (CNG).

CNG Injector

Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) injectorCNG range


Compressed natural gas (CNG) is increasingly being considered as a vehicle fuel due to its low CO2 impact and its growing global availability at an attractive price.

The high performance solenoid driven DI-CNG injector can reduce CO2 by up to 25% compared to gasoline while remaining compatible to standard gasoline packaging and current engine controllers.

Features / Benefits

  • Improved low-rpm torque through in-cylinder gas injection with turbocharging compared to port fuel injection (PFI)
  • Outwardly opening valve with increased cross section for gaseous fuel delivery
  • Low particulate emissions
  • Runs off of same pressurized fuel tank as today’s PFI CNG without need for boost pump

LNG Injector

Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) injectorLNG range


Our LNG injector range has been co-developed with Westport Fuel Systems as part of their HPDI 2.0 fuel system.

HPDI 2.0 is a unique dual fuel LNG injector with pilot diesel injection. This allows use in typical Heavy duty compression ignition engines to maintain performance with ~20% reduction in CO2 compared to conventional diesel combustion.

Features / Benefits

  • Dual Fuel High Pressure Direct Injection
  • 1.15 million km lifetime
  • Injector envelope matches OEM injector pocket
  • 290 bar gas pressure / 300 bar diesel pressure

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