European Standard Contractual Clauses

BorgWarner attaches great importance to the protection of your data and safeguarding of your privacy and assures that it will comply with the relevant legal provisions when collecting, processing and using personal data. 

For strictly limited purposes and subject to the fulfillment of statutory preconditions, personal data may be shared between BorgWarner entities, their service providers and business partners located within and outside the European Union (EU). Countries located outside the EU may not have data protection laws and regulations comparable to those applicable within the EU. In case of a transfer of personal data from a BorgWarner entity within the EU to a third party outside the EU (this also includes other BorgWarner entities), we will adopt appropriate measures to ensure that personal data will be adequately protected there. In particular, we have entered into the EU Standard Contractual Clauses with the said recipients of the data.

The Standard Contractual Clauses are model clauses drafted by the European Commission and are one of several mechanisms approved by the European Commission to ensure adequate safeguards for personal data transferred from the EU to countries outside the EU.

A copy of the current EU Standard Contractual Clauses for a controller to processor data transfer is available here:

C2P-European Standard Contractual Clauses

A copy of the current EU Standard Contractual Clauses for a controller to controller data transfer is available here: 

C2C-European Standard Contractual Clauses
If you wish to view the agreements entered into by BorgWarner, please contact [email protected]


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