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Recruiting Pillars

Real commitment

Our mission is to reach carbon neutrality by 2035, helping lead the industry to a net-zero future. You’ll influence the direction of our evolving organization at every step of your career. We’re committed to continual learning and development, which means you’ll grow as BorgWarner does.

Tech-driven innovation for all

Your talent and ingenuity will enhance more than a century of technology leadership to bring cleaner, more efficient and more accessible products to market. You’ll help design and deliver products that accelerate our world’s move to eMobility.

Partnering for progress

We welcome and encourage collaboration, venturous ideation and positive-sum thinking, across in-house teams and with external partners. At BorgWarner, you’ll be part of a unique company culture that values cooperation and mutual respect— critical tools for shaping a future of eMobility.

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