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Bradford Plant Exceeds Fundraising Target for Local Foodbank

As Ramadan comes to an end, BorgWarner Bradford is pleased to donate a grand total of £1694.60 to the Bradford Central Food Bank raised through a series of initiatives from our Diversity and Inclusion Team.

Recognising that charity work is a vital part for Ramadan, we had a series of newcomers that wanted to join their Muslim colleagues around the world and experience fasting for a day.  Our Plant Manager described the event as “even harder than imagined” despite confessing that there had been water consumed throughout and said that he now has “full respect to all that keep this up for the duration of Ramadan”.  Our production team that collectively signed up said they felt overwhelming hunger but “happy it was for a good cause” and also described it as “challenging but self-rewarding” and are now “empathetic to those that go without on a regular basis”.

For our HR manager it was the thought of a homemade Biryani (made with a recipe kindly donated and published in our online newsletter), as well as a cold bottle of beer that saw him through to the finish line.

Everyone had their own strategies and coping mechanisms for such a mental challenge, but we can all recognise that one day without is hard enough, and that no one should have to endure going without essentials for the long term.

Congratulations to everyone that undertook the challenge and to our generous sponsors both within the plant and outside that saw us reach our target.

We hope everyone had a good Eid and in spite of restrictions managed to enjoy time for positive reflection with family, friends, and of course, top quality food!


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